Instructions for use Fresh Fingers

Fresh Fingers antifungal agent: how to use

spray instruction

The instructions for using the spray are fairly straightforward. You need to shake the bottle several times and spray some spray on the damaged area. In this case, the feet should be clean and dry. Particular attention should be paid to the area between the fingers - this is where sweat accumulates and most often the fungus is localized.

The drug should be used twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. You will notice a change for the better after the first application, but the full course lasts a month. If you follow the instructions for a month of use, the fungus will be completely defeated. For prevention, you can resume the course after a few weeks.

Indications for use

Hungarian experts recommend using Fresh Fingers spray if

  • The feet are affected by fungi (mycosis);
  • The skin of the legs itches, flakes, becomes covered with plaque;
  • The legs smell unpleasant.

If you walk a lot during the day, use tight shoes, have a lot of contact with people, if you have metabolic and sweating problems you are at risk and especially susceptible to infection with the fungus. In this case, it is recommended to use an antifungal agent for prophylaxis.


It is not recommended to use the drug in the presence of open wounds on the legs and allergies to the components. You can check for allergies by applying a small amount of the spray to your feet in an inconspicuous area. If within a few minutes there is no reaction - the skin does not redden, does not begin to itch and peel - then there is no allergy. You can safely apply the product!